Hip hop samples to make hip hop beats

Want to make hip hop beats? There is one key to that ― and that is through hip hop samples. Hip hop samples are the main foundation of the popular hip hop beats that you have been hearing at present. If you want to create one, you might as well find a top notch sample to start making beats.


Hip hop samples


Hip hop samples, in general, are a segment, or a portion of an audio that is cut from a song, music, or an instrument. There are hundreds of ways to acquire hip hop samples. The common methods are the following:


  • From the sounds around you. Any interesting rhythm that you hear could be made into hip hop samples. All you need to do is to record it and use sound editing software to produce hip hop samples.
  • From musical instruments. Hip hop samples could be produced from any musical instrument. You can start exploring on an obscure musical sound, record it, edit, and enhance according to your taste.
  • From songs. One of the most common practices that are used in making hip hop samples is by extracting it from music. This is made possible by cutting a small portion of a certain song, adding beats and effects, and customizing it according to the producer’s vision.
  • From the internet. Acquiring hip hop samples is now made easier and faster thru the internet. There are websites that will help you create your music track by tailoring hip hop samples that are based on your needs. There are also online stores wherein you can directly download variety of hip hop samples or hip hop sound kits.


Downloadable hip hop samples


Downloadable hip hop samples are the widely used samples simply because they are faster to acquire, more accessible, user-friendly, and convenient to use.  Paid hip hop samples in the internet may cost you money but it offers the following great advantages:


  • Finest quality
  • Wide range of samples to choose from
  • Wide range of formats like Wav, Rex, Reason Refill, ESX24, Akai Programs, Kontact, and others
  • Royalty free


Start making a beat now!


The groundwork in producing a great hip hop beat is a top notch sample. Start looking now for the best hip hop samples in the internet and create your own beat! Visit here to find official website http://hiphopsamplez.com/platinum-sound-pack/.


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