What to consider when having a CD duplication

The use of a blank CD for duplication has been widely used for multiple distribution of data. Even it was already popular to use USB drives and hard drives nowadays, it is more practical to use CD’s because of its affordability and mass number of duplication at a faster rate of time. Each CD may have the same look but still they are of different specification if you take a closer look at it. Each CD will vary on its sizes, speed of transfer and styles. Within this article, it will discuss what you should know before buying a blank CD.

Capacity of a CD

A CD has different sizes or capacity of storage. You can store from 600 MB to 850 MB of files in a single CD which can hold songs, data information and even movies to watch. A mini CD may only hold for about 210 MB only, dedicated for small single files.


Speed of transferring

You might be noticing numbers indicated at the top area or surface of a CD, it is not the capacity it shows but the rate of speed of transferring data to a blank CD and it is useful for multiple for CD duplication. It has speed of 48x or 32x written on the CD. When deciding which one to get, it is much better to choose the one with higher speed to shorten the total amount of speed cost for multiple duplication.



Style of a CD

CD can be customized according to what you want and need. You can choose from simple styles which is the cheapest or put personalized print on the surface of the CD which indicates what is inside which is somehow of higher rate than usual. Some CD’s have inclusions of sleeves when you buy them which is free of charge and it is much better to case your CD for protection.Go here to see, what author recommends http://www.bcduplication.com/usb/  .


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