Why hire Prestige Travel agent?

Are you planning to travel? Start your travel plan by hiring a Prestige Travel agent.

By hiring an agent from Prestige Travel Systems, you do not only get a cost effective travel package; you will also acquire the security and the assurance that your vacation getaway is fulfilling and satisfying.

There are a lot of travel agents that you could hire in the United States and you might wonder why you should opt getting a Prestige Travel agent. Here are the reasons:

1.      Prestige Travel agents are technically adept and experienced in the travel industry.

A Prestige Travel agent is certainly the right person to hire when looking for a travel expert. Prestige Travel Systems is composed of full-time and experienced travel specialists that are equipped with the excellent connections to different travel suppliers. With a Prestige Travel agent, you will be ensured with excellent services, discounted prices, and easy bookings for your travel.

 2.      Prestige Travel agents are reliable and trusted.

Hiring a Prestige Travel agent would make you get rid from travel scams and other vacation discrepancies. You will always get the security when you hire Prestige Travel agents as they come from a licensed, bonded, and accredited full-service travel agency. Prestige Travel Systems’ reputation in the travel industry as a reliable and trusted company is mainly due to the high quality performance of its agents.Its agents are the main reason why it maintains a good record as a member of the American Society of Travel Agents and why it is endorsed by the world’s leading travel providers and airline companies.

 3.      Prestige Travel agent renders more edgy and beneficial services.

Compared to other travel agents that you can just find anywhere, Prestige Travel agents offer more edgy services. They maintain good record of reliability and trust as they render the best and the highest quality services in finding its clients the best value and discounted vacation packages.

Summing it all, hiring a Prestige Travel agent is indeed more appropriate when planning to travel. A Prestige Travel agent possesses the expertise, the reliability and the trustworthiness in the travel business. Most importantly, it has the capability of finding you the most fulfilling and satisfying vacation package.

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The Yellow Diamond

From among the colors of diamonds there are two that could be said that can compete with the colorless diamond.  These are the brown and yellow diamonds.  The brown colored one have already had its own scale for color intensity.  The yellow does not have its own but can be considered that it might already have its own scale.

The color scale of colorless diamond is from D to Z.  But the truly colorless ones are from the scales D to I.  From the scale J to Z the color intensity classification starts from faint yellow down to Z which is light yellow.  There are four categories though for yellow and they are light yellow, fancy yellow, intense yellow and vivid yellow.  It is not said though if the light yellow is the Z classification for the colorless diamond.


What’s striking with yellow?


Base on the color of yellow diamond also called canary diamond, it is a perfect match for gold.  In have the same color shade as gold it will be very striking to see it perched on that precious metal.  It is more striking when it is mounted in a way that it allows light to pass through the stone.


For extremely vivid canary diamond it will look best when mounted on platinum or white gold specifically for rings.  The size of diamond of course will prevail even if mounted on yellow gold.  A small yellow stone might not be noticed on wide band yellow gold ring.


True canary yellow


True canary yellow diamonds might only one-tenth of one percent of all the diamonds in the world.  It is one of the rarest among the diamonds.  It will not be a surprise that they will come in at a higher price compared to other fancy colored diamonds.Look here for more details  http://www.haloengagement.com/vvs-diamonds/