3 Important Tips in Choosing Netball Shoes

Footwork is very important in netball and is affected by different factors. One is your skills as a player and the other is your footwear. Skills can be learned through constant playing and practice. Footwear on the other hand requires you to purchasing the proper shoes for netball.

Although many netball players use regular sports shoes in playing. Wearing the right footwear can give you some advantage in your footwork while you play. Here are three tips in choosing netball shoes to improve your game:

1. Support for all around movement

Basketball shoes are designed to help support your ankle from getting injured, while running shoes are designed to provide support for linear motion. Playing netball on the other hand, requires footwear that supports all around movement.

The sport involves running, quick steps and stops, sudden change of direction, and lateral movements. Some shoes can limit some of these movements, like basketball shoes or typical running shoes. With these types of footwear, the risk of injuring your foot is greater with your limited movement, or it can decrease your performance during play.

2. Provide stability and balance

Most running shoes are designed for one purpose, running. It provides support for linear motion, as mentioned above. It isn’t designed to provide support during jumping and landing, as well quick turning movements. In getting netball shoes, you need to pick a pair that can provide stability and balance for these movements. This will allow you to stay standing and be on at the top of your game.

3. Firmer and harder outsole

When it comes to running shoes, you can expect it to have a softer outsole. This is done in order to provide comfort while running. In choosing netball shoes on the other hand, you need to pick footwear that has a harder outsole. This allows your shoes to withstand the friction and the wearing conditions when playing it on the court or on asphalt. If you use running shoes on netball courts, you can expect the outsole to wear easily because of the soft material used.Look here for more details http://www.brooksrunning.com.au/


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