Contemporary Furniture: A Bit of History

Modern furniture has come its long way since it started in the 19th century. During its early period, it has more sophisticated look than it is today. The designs are more intricate and lavish. The fabrics used are expensive as well as the raw material gilded wood.

After a century, the design has evolved to ornamental style which incorporates the present and future inspired ideas. The contemporary furniture designers today focus more on functionalism and comfort unlike when it has started.  Before, the designers focus more on the aesthetic design of the furniture.

Modern Materials

Although some materials used today already exist in the early years of modern furniture, designers have focused on using gilded woods. Today, designers have been more experimental and they try different materials in their pieces. With the help of technology, the use of different materials has been possible. The materials used today are lightweight yet durable. Among the materials used today include plastics, metal, steel, glass, fiber and wrought iron.


Decorative textured fabrics are already outdated in the 21st century. Today, there are several fabrics that are used for formal and casual furniture. High quality leather, linen and silk are among the favorite of the designers for formal furniture. Synthetic fibers and cottons are preferred for casual furniture. Other designers try to use acrylic or microfiber based fabrics.

Space Savers

Home spaces and office spaces are getting smaller nowadays. Maybe not true in all cases, but there are many pads that are made for bachelors and bachelorettes. Modern furniture has been flexible in any kind of space which makes it more ideal to have. It has wide variety of sizes based on preference. Since it is more functional, some has secret storage spaces to maintain its beautiful form.

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