Aquatic Plant: For beginners

Aquatic plant use to grow in a lakes and pond it serves as ornament and gives a dramatic view.  It beautifies the lakes and ponds in natural way. Their existence gives balance to the ecosystem. The increase number of this aquatic plant is either cause by human being by planting it and birds. Aquatic plants come from different species. They are freshwater and salt water plants. There are different kinds of aquatic plant namely:

  1. Floating- floating aquatic plant like Lilies and Hyacinth are plant that are common yet gives a magnificent view in ponds and lakes.  They are the most common aquatic plant and you can find it in different part of the world. Though it is floating the root use to absorb water and the flat wide round shape leaves use for sunlight absorption.
  2.   Merged- Redroot is a kind aquatic plant that needs more sunlight. The root usually merged into the bottom but they grow above water. This aquatic plant usually find in shallow water.
  3. Submerged- Hydrillas is one of aquatic plant that usually submerged there root in the bottom and they grow under water. This plant is very thin and narrow. This kind of aquatic plant has variety in colour and shapes that is appealing to the eyes. Submerge plant usually found in mud area. Basically this kind of plant used to provide oxygen to fish or other marine life in pond.

Now a day, man- made pond has increase in number. If you are thinking to make your own dream pond and plant your own aquatic plant. There are many variety of aquatic plant available online. Choose according to your convenient and most important is you should know how to take care of it. Too much of aquatic plant might distort the beauty of your pond.

Reference taken from here

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