Executive Car Service for those who Want to Travel in Style

Many would think finding the right car rental services are easy to get out there. But many would say that based on experiences, some car rental services have expensive prices at low quality service. Parkers of Reigate Ltd. offers the best executive car services that are sure to give their customers the special treatment they deserve.Author is an expert  visit here for more interesting information

Parkers of Reigate Ltd. offers the following services

  1. Taxi services – their diligent and professional drivers are at your door when you need them offering their services during to Fridays 7am to 9pm, Weekends and Bank Holidays from 7am to 4pm pre booked Taxi offers clients the most convenient way to service their commute. Airport transport are their specialty for airports such as Getwick airport and Heathrow airport.
  2. Chauffeur Service – No hassles in scheduling your delegate transfers during conferences and seminars, they provide the best accommodation at affordable prices. Choose from their selection of cars such as Long Wheel Based BMW 7 Series, Audi A8’s and Mercedes Viano People Carriers, they will sure to give customers the finest service there is.
  3. Wedding Service – Make that special day worry-free, as their bridal cars swoon you off your feet. Their elegant E-Class Mercedes and other people carriers are perfect together with their coordinated design to suit your wedding’s theme.
  4. Executive Service – As you get to that business meeting, impress possible clients as Parkers Executive service provide you their selection of luxurious cars so you can ride in style. Going to an airport with a long ride can cost you an extra time that you can allot for resting and their vehicles not only provides security for you and your luggage but also provides you comfort as well.


Best of all they offer client accounts which can be billed monthly for frequent travellers. Call them at 01737-224545, email them at info@parkersofreigate.co.uk, or visit their website at www.parkersofreigate.co.uk for bookings and inquiries.


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