Distance Learning and Martial Arts

If you frequently engage in full contact sparring, it is important for you and your opponent to have the same quality of sparring protection. This way, it will soften the blows you throw at each other. The kind of material you need for your sparring pads depend on the kind of contact you do. If you are preparing for a full contact then you need to opt for professional gear padding because a lightweight foam protection will not be able to completely protect you from your adversary’s impactful blows.

Kinds of Sparring Protection
The sparring protection gear protects the athlete from head to toe. The mouthpiece protects the jaw from injury. The head gear safeguards the head from injury. The chest guard shields the organs and bones of the upper torso from a strong impact. Sparring gloves guards takes care of the athlete’s fingers from being bent back or fractured and at the same time acts as foam so that it softens the blows delivered by the adversary. Groin protection shields the male genital organs and protects the female’s pelvic bones. The thigh padding safeguards the lower limbs from being fractured during low kick blows coming from the opponent. Shin guard takes care of your legs from being injured every time you kick your opponent to his/her legs. Lastly, the feet padding is frequently used with the shin guard and it covers the instep and top part of your foot.

The gears mentioned above need to be adjusted according to the level of contact sport you will be engaging. Obviously, a beginner may use light padded sparring protection while those who are into heavy training and full body contact ought to have the heavily padded gears. Moreover, even though these protective gears offer a considerable amount of discomfort to the user, the overall benefits in protecting sensitive body parts definitely outweighs the negative side of these sparring protectors.Click here to know more about this .


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