vm-unleashed.com: The Essential Tips When It Comes to Visual Merchandising

Here are the essential tips you need to remember (and never forget) when going about visual merchandising. First and foremost, you should think up of an intense and exciting atmosphere for your display, like there’s some sort of celebration happening. You don’t necessarily have to go get balloons or streamers to make it happen, as www.vm-unleashed.com itself would warn you, but providing a hint of celebration in the whole setup is enough to keep things going. Use festive colors, attempt to make the area exude happiness and a carefree attitude, and make everything as consistent as possible so that people won’t feel overwhelmed by your design.

The Proper Approach to Visual Merchandising

  • It’s easier said than done to “create themes” and “make everything as consistent as possible” while ensuring the display’s “aesthetic pleasantness”. Words are just words, after all, and a picture (or any artistic creation) is worth a thousand of them. With that in mind, the impact of one thousand words would be greatly magnified if your display were to concentrate on one particular message or “branding”, in marketing terms. Make people think something special is going on at a display, and the sales should soon follow.
  • Don’t waste people’s time. The main purpose of visual merchandising is to sell merchandise, so don’t beat around the bush and make a memorable campaign that has people confused instead of hyped up more often than not. Shopping at the grocery aisle isn’t like shopping for clothes; the women who usually do it are in more of a rush to get the sales and whatnot, so you only have a split-second to affect their buying decision.
  • Labeling must be clear, presentation must be clear, and promotions must be extra clear (since this is what most middle-class housewives who go to retail are looking for). Your store should have all your products categorized properly and placed in the right location in order to streamline purchasing while making sure that the eye-catching displays are seen as soon as possible. Placement is also an important aspect of VM.

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