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We love our dogs that it is a burden for us if our dogs get lost. Sometimes dogs get nervous during fireworks or loud noises, and run away to hide somewhere. It makes the owners worried on what happened to their dogs. Since this is an emergency situation, it is important to seek help and provide action to find your dogs.

What to do

If your dog hasn’t come home for 2 days until it comes to a week, here are some guidelines to do to make searching for the dog fast and quick. Even it’s been hours of missing, you find your dog sooner is better.

  1. Search the area around your neighborhood. Bring his favorite treat or toys and call your dog’s name.
  2. Make flyers and posters of your missing dog. This may spread information around the area.
  3. Contact veterinary clinics, dog shelters, dog rescuers or police department if there was a report on a missing dog that is found that fits your description.
  4. Always be positive. Think and pray that your dog is safe and in good hands. Your dog will be doing fine and will go home soon. Don’t ever stop searching and don’t lose hope. Everyone is there to help.

How to prevent this kind of case

Missing dogs is really heartbreaking, dogs are part of the family and it is a sad thing for them. In order to prevent this and make finding easier. It is better to put dog tags on your dogs. Dog tags are customized, for dog tags, and they can customize it as what you desire. Dog tags are important, it contains information of the dogs, dog’s name, owner’s name, contact number and address. To prevent dogs from getting lost, be a responsible owner, don’t leave dog unattended and keep on leash on public places. Dog tags should always be worn in dogs in case they got lost, a kind person will find them and take them home to you.For more details, go here .


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