www.fingertipstyping.co.uk: The Evolution of Providing Transcription Service

Transcription is a service provided for companies or individuals that need an audio to be converted into a readable and/or printable file.

Earlier transcription                                                                

Before 1970, transcription is one of the hardest tasks and only a few skilled people can do this, particularly those people who are trained in shorthand. Aside from this, a representative has to be sent to a particular meeting or conference, just to do the annotation alone. But, when the cassette tapes and other forms of portable recorders were introduced in the late 1970s, people started utilizing the use of recorded audio for transcription. That was what started the trend of transcribing audios from home and just managing the jobs with a particular deadline.


Modern Transcription

Nowadays, because of the internet, transcription can be done easily, still from the comfort of the homes, but now, it can also be outsourced for a much cheaper price and in a more convenient way. Compared to how the transcription was made with the cassette tapes and the recorders, the turnaround time is now much faster. This is because there are also equipments that are available to be used which makes it easier for transcriptionist to rewind or fast-forward a certain part of the audio, which in the long run, saves effort and time consumed on an audio. There is also the chance of hiring people who are already an expert in a particular field related to the content of the audio, thus making it quicker for the audio to be transcribed.

Since transcription service can be easily employed online, there are websites such as www.fingertipstyping.co.uk that can be viewed anytime and companies and individuals can easily ask for quotations if they have audios that need to be converted into a readable file or printout.

The way audios are transcribed in the early days is totally different with how it is done today while the cost is also a lot cheaper nowadays compared to how it was decades ago.


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