Self-Storage Services –Point of View from

With the rise of condominiums, apartments and other living spaces that offers limited space, self-storage units are also on rise. According to studies, they have been earning millions of dollars just for providing storage space to homeowners. As the demand increases, the prices for renting a unit in one of the storage facilities are also on the rise.


It is also interesting to note that not only homes are having a hard time with limited space; companies and business are also looking on ways on how they can efficiently and affordably store their unused and excess items. It is always advisable to choose the right storage by primarily making sure that it suits the storage requirements. Check services and price list to make sure you get the most out of your money.

U-Haul may be known for moving trucks, or simply as “movers”. They have now expanded their business to providing self-storage units. They also have their own version of portable storage units, which they fondly call U-Box. They also advise you to take advantage of the different insurance they offer to protect your interest in case something unexpected happened.

Storages are on the Rise

Public Storage has been around in the business since 1972 and has now over 2 000 storage facilities in the USA and other areas in Europe. They offer rentals on a monthly basis and the first month is just a whooping one dollar.

PODS, or Portable on Demand Storage offers portable storage units that they can deliver to your house, then fill it up at your own pace. Customer would then just call them and they will be collecting the filled unit and take it to their secured storage facility. This is a lot more convenient and hassle-free since people don’t need to go to the facility with a van-full of their things then store it there.


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