NCS Flooring – The 3 Advantages of Engineered Wood Flooring

With the help of modern technology and expertise of the professionals, engineered wood flooring is created for the benefit of the consumers. As a matter of fact, many manufacturing companies including go to website are selling it to the market nowadays and it seems like a storm, it crashes up the sales because of the advantages that have given to the consumers. Several feedbacks of customers are usually based on its stability, price and ease of installation.


Engineered wood flooring is made up of multiple thin layers of plywood and thicker hardwood glued on top of it. Each ply has alternate direction of the grain which makes the plank to be protected against warping and twisting along the grain lines. Hence, it is more stable to use and highly resistant against humidity and moisture.


Traditional solid hardwood for flooring is quite expensive and it is not practical to purchase it nowadays. Whereas with engineered wood flooring, prices are at very reasonable. Aside from that, whenever you look at the engineered wood floors, it looks like a real traditional solid hardwood although it is just a perfect replica. With that scenario, your flooring will look like expensive and luxurious as 5-star hotels in the city.

Ease of installation

Traditional solid hardwood can only be installed by way of nailing. While with engineered wood flooring, there are different methods of installation and all are very handy to perform.

Other advantages

Engineered wood flooring are also flexible because you can install it directly even on concrete without uneven surfaces upon installation. In addition to that, the life expectancy of engineered wood floors can last even 60 years as long as it is regularly maintained.

Taking care of your floor

When cleaning, use only damp cloth or mop. Do not let the floor too wet to sustain its original appearance.

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