Preventing Your House from Looking Dull: Using Colored Concrete

Home designing is one of the most common reasons to contact professionals nowadays. If you think your house is just dull; with painted cement and some wood on it, then it may really be the time to contact a professional to improve the looks of your house.

The use of decorative concrete
Since concrete has replaced almost every material to be used on houses nowadays, it would also be obvious that concrete would be the dominant material in your improved house. To help you house avoid a dull look, you can utilize decorative concretes. Decorative concretes utilize different techniques which include stamped concretes and dyed concretes. Stamped concretes utilize concretes that have been patterned to look like different textures or materials such as slate, tiles and other designs. These concretes are only made to copy such designs but aren’t really like them, this makes stamped concrete the cheaper alternative in house design. Another would be the use of colored concrete, as opposed to painting your concrete; colored concrete has a more vibrant color to it and looks a lot better than simply painted concrete.

Alcohol mixed colored concrete
On the early uses of colored concrete, the use of alcohol was employed. Inks were dissolved in solutions of alcohol which was then applied to gray concrete. The problem with alcohol was that when it was used, it would easily fade when exposed to sunlight. Due to this fact, early colored concrete was only used for indoor purposes.
Modern ink mixtures
As time passed by, different techniques have been employed and mixed with inks. Acetone, lacquer thinner and other solvents have been used while hoping to achieve deeper levels of penetration. A lot of methods have been employed to ensure that the color doesn’t fade in time. One of these methods is the UV inhibiting agents which easily protect the color from sunlight. Nowadays, colored concrete still fades, but only at a rate of 5% – 8% per year. This would mean that it would still take 20 years for the color to completely fade.
Make colored concrete one of your first choices and see the improvements for yourself.

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