The Works of Furniture Removalists

If you are looking for furniture removalists in Brisbane, there is a number of companies that would be willing to provide you with their services. Removalists are not only useful in transferring things but they are very helpful in packing. There are different things to take care off when moving. You cannot simply put all your things in one box because there are items that need extra caution in handling like glassware, gadgets, expensive materials, and the like. Even pets pose difficulties when going from one house to another.


Professional removalists use a variety of packing boxes in order to take care of their client’s needs. They come in different shapes and sizes to fit the things that would be placed inside. Here is a simple explanation of how removalists pack your common house materials for travel:

Small and fragile things – They are individually wrapped using old newspapers and magazines before being placed in a cushioned container or box.

Large and fragile items –The removalists use contour packing with tissue or bubble wrap for these items for easier handling and to save space. In the storage vehicle, they are placed in secured crates.

Clothes – They should be packed clean and dry. Suits, gowns, and coats are hanged while other clothing is arranged flat in order to save space.

Rugs – Rugs and carpets are rolled but not folded. Desiccant packets are used to keep them moisture-free.

Appliances – Audio visuals like plasma TVs and screens are covered with special packaging to prevent damage. The sides are cushioned and protected and they are placed in crates as well.

Furniture – They are wrapped in cushioned craft paper for protection. Fragile ones like mirrors or glass tables are wrapped carefully and placed in crates. Leather couches polished timber furniture are not wrapped in plastics. Removalists have special wrappers for them because moisture can damage them if they are wrapped in plastic.


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