military mres

The military provides soldiers with ready to eat meals when they are in combat duty.  War zone battlefields often do not give the luxury of time for soldiers to cook food as they are on full red alert for engagement at any time.  Soldiers on long patrol duties will have depend on their MREs because they are always on the move.


It is possible however that military mres remain unused for those who stay in safe zones or camps.  Soldiers have access to mess halls and meals prepared by cooks in temporary camps in safe zones.


Sale of military ready to eat meals


Government issued military ready to eat meals have a warning in their containers that it is unlawful to sell them commercially.  There might be some real mres from the military being sold but they are no longer sold as a complete kit.  The items are sold individually as selling them in bulk is conspicuous.


There is one dealer of mres that claims the kits they are selling are the same as that supplied to the U.S. military.  The production date of their mres show to be in mid-2011, when they claim the contractor for the supplies in the Middle East had to scale down operations due to restrictions.  This gave way to military mres that are not stamped by the U.S. government.

Same military menu


The ready to eat meals being sold and claimed to be of the same menu as those supplied to the U.S. military are offered in bulk.  The website of the dealer shows the 12 menus that they have.  It is also stamped as Menu C that stands for Contract, therefore there are no Menus A and B for the military.


A chart shows that the storage life of the MREs can be from one month to 130 months depending on temperature where it is stored.  Storing them at 60 degrees Fahrenheit will make them last for 130 months.  


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