Prevent Foot Pain with Clarkes Shoes!

With almost whatever you’re doing in your life – whether it’s walking, running, or working, you will have to need shoes, but not just any shoes. There are shoes that are appropriate for a specific occasion, or for a specific place that you want to go to. You must wear the most appropriate and comfortable yet stylish shoes in every situation. Of course, no one wants to go out their respective houses without looking good, or with their feet feeling hurt.

The Birth of Clarkes Shoes


In the year 1825, Cyrus Clark started a tanning and wool stapling business in Somerset, England. Later on, he was joined by his brother James, and they began to produce Brown Peter, the name of their sheepskin slippers. After five years, James became a full partner, and their business is renamed C & J Clark Ltd. Since then, the reviews of Clarkes Shoes have become mostly positive, and its sales have increased in a rather astonishing rate.

Ever since the invention of the sheepskin slippers, Clarks have offered comfy yet stylish shoes for everyone. It provides a wide range of ladies’ and men’s footwear, all made with the help of the latest technologies. It also ensures that the customers availing their products does not compromise comfort for style.

Aside from the comfort it offers, there is something about Clarks that, maybe, only a few people know. They operate one of the biggest retail footwear reuse schemes in the world – “Shoebiz”, and they are working with other brands and retailers to support the recycling of footwear. They’ve also supported a variety and campaigns all over the years. These range from small-scale to large-scale ones. The small-scale ones are those that have to do with the staffs who apply for donations. The large-scale ones are those that make a worldwide impact. They support several charitable associations for the lives of the underprivileged people all over the globe.


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