More about BB Guns and the Ammunition or bron They Use


BB guns are used with BBs or the ammo used for BB guns. BBs can come in plastic, lead, or steel. The steel BBs are the bounciest bullet balls around, so if you want your BBs to ricochet all over the place (something you’d never want a real bullet to do lest you’re willing to risk getting shot by your own gun), then it’s imperative that you get bron that are round, steel balls. These BBs are great whenever you’re practicing shooting at your own backyard, although they’re not all that idea if you want to make use of your BB gun to hunt small game because their ricocheting power reduces their overall accuracy.Contrary to popular belief, BBs aren’t named after “ball bearings” or “bullet balls”… the name actually comes from the size BB or 0.18 inches in diameter.


Other Things That Are Fascinating About BBs


     BB guns are effective at hunting small game when you use them with lead balls instead of steel or plastic balls. BBs made of steel are too inaccurate, while those made of plastic are too weak to actually do significant damage.


     With that said, you need the best ammo and the best airsoft guns to make your hunting expeditions work. Anything other than lead will yield you limited results (or an extra challenge, if you want to hunt that way).


     You can go for CO2 guns, spring action airsoft guns, and electric airsoft guns when hunting around. The BBs these guns use will vary not only from one type of gun to another, but also from the same type of gun since the supposed 0.18 inches in diameter was never strictly followed.


     The weapons of choice for skirmishes and shooting games tend to be AEGs, also known as the aforementioned electric airsoft guns. Just remember this rule of thumb when it comes to BBs or BB gun ammo… plastic pellets are “nerf”-tier, steel balls are great for ricochet, and lead balls are the real deal.


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