How To Make An Organic Royal Jelly

They are closely related to wasps and ants and are quite famous in pollinating flowers for honey and beeswax. Nectar and pollen are two primary food sources of bees. Nectar is used as energy source while pollen is used to suffice their protein needs. Often mistaken for wasps and flies, bees are usually identified with their color and food preferences. There are a lot of kinds and most are distinguished by their size and location. There are the Leafcutter bees, Sweat bees, honey bee, and stingless bees.There are a lot sold in the market and it is best if you get an organic royal jelly instead.

Royal Jelly from Bees

Aside from the fact that they produce honey and nectar, bees have been known to make royal jelly which is actually a substance used to make a future queen. The moment the queen bee is dying and is losing the ability to reproduce, worker bees will create replacement for it and will make a queen egg nest where a larvae candidate for a queen is immersed in royal jelly. What makes people interested in it is the substance’s ability to create and transform sterile larvae into a morphologically capable queen. The protein Royalactin is actually the protein responsible for it. Because of these scientific revelation, royal jelly has become a sought after substance that thought to cure aging and other malady.

The Uses of Royal Jelly

A royal jelly collected will be turned into a dietary supplement. It has B-complex vitamins such as B5 and B6 and crude protein and various amino acids. It is highly perishable and it might cost a little bit expensive, but the benefit it entails is superb. This was believed to be a beneficial health agent where traces of enzymes and minerals are thought to be abundant.

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