Choosing Directors for Cyprus Company Incorporation


As part of the European Union, Cyprus has been known to become a better country. In Cyprus, it is easy to start a business even if you are not physically present in the country. Many investors have done so and have never regretted any decision made in Cyprus.The procedure is very easy because opening bank accounts in Cyprus is also easy. The requirements are also the same as that when you are applying for a new business in your own area or hometown. The registration is also quite easy.

Once the registration is done, a meeting will be held together with the director of the company. Normally, choosing the director is quite a tough decision to make. But there are guidelines to help you out with the Cyprus company incorporation.

The Director’s Roles

–          In putting up an offshore business in Cyprus, you will need to have one director. This director will be having the first meeting with the rest of the board members to determine the guidelines in running the business.


–          Unlike any company, Cyprus companies can accept company directories who are not a local of Cyprus. The director of any of these companies can be from any nation.


–          The Registrar records the names of initial directors. They will also keep the record if the directors resign, or if new directors are appointed. Everything pertaining to the directors should always be kept lodged.


–          Directors can also be nominated. It is more adviseable to have a Cypriot Director in the team. If there is a local in the directories, we can avail of the advantages of tax benefits.


–          Choosing directors is always easy. It is not really necessary to appoint a doctor. However, it gives you an edge over others, that when problem arises, you will have an easier way out.

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