Orange County Interior Decorator for Rancho Santa Fe

A Very Vibrant History
There are several places in the state of California that serve as its landmark. One of the landmarks officially recognized by the people in California is the Rancho Santa Fe. This is where the elite and privileged people dwell. Being considered as a State Historical Landmark, the community residing in the Rancho aims to maintain its rich historical architecture seen in the houses that are built here. The houses in this area of California are mostly Spanish in nature. There can be no major alterations in the design of these old historical houses and any interior design intended for new occupants should pass several requirements for it to be fulfilled.
If you want to own a house in this community, you should pick an Orange County interior decorator that know much about historical architecture and how to incorporate modern design to it that will harmonize with the whole concept of the house. It is hard to recreate something that must be preserved. If you plan to buy a house in this area you should be an avid fan of historical architecture in order to preserve the beauty of the houses which are located here.
Repairs and renovations must be reported to the Association’s Protective Covenant in order to ensure that certain detail of the house will remain to be unchanged. You have to coordinate with them first before making steps to beautify your house since the renovations will not be pushed thru if they don’t pass certain requirements.
Keep it Simple
If you already own a house in Santa Fe you have to make the interior design to be simple. It is necessary to follow certain requirements of the association. You can still beautify your houses by retaining its original beauty and structure of historical architecture.

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